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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Cheap Airfare

For the chosen cities, the benefits spread far beyond the airport perimeter. Investors are often quick to follow the airlines. Consider grimy Katowice in southern Poland. During the late '90s the Soviet-era steel town looked destined for postindustrial obscurity. Today it's Cheap Airfare familiar to millions as a home to the local carrier Central Wings and its booming Hungarian rival WizzAir. More than a million passengers passed through the city's airport last year, many using it as a departure point for exploring the region, including visits to nearby Cracow. That represents a Cheap Airfare whopping 44 percent increase from 2004. Among other concrete expressions of the upsurge: a Hungarian consortium has already invested in a new shopping mall in Katowice proper, complete with restaurants and a cinema. Small wonder the city fathers are now splashing out on a second Cheap Airfare terminal.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Cheap Airfare

The Post's Travel Section Flight Crew will take your comments, questions, suspicions, warnings, gripes, sad tales and happy endings springing from the world of ... the world. Of course, the Flight Crew will be happy to answer your travel questions -- but the best thing about this forum, we insist, is that it lets travelers exchange information with other travelers who've been there, done that or otherwise have insights, ideas and Cheap Airfare information to share. Different members of the Crew will rotate through the captain's chair every week, but the one constant is you, our valued passengers.

We know you have a choice in online travel forums, and speaking for the entire Flight Crew, we want to thank you for flying with us.

The Post's Flight Crew: (from left to right) Cheap Airfare John Deiner, Carol Sottili, Steve Hendrix, Anne McDonough, Gary Lee, K.C. Summers, Cindy Loose, Andrea Sachs.
The Post's Flight Crew: (from left to right) John Deiner, Carol Sottili, Steve Hendrix, Anne McDonough, Gary Lee, K.C. Summers, Cindy Loose, Andrea Sachs.
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Monday, June 4, 2007

Cheap Airfare

We are acutely aware of the budget constraints, but we believe that environmental programming the county brings in will be worth the effort,” Calvin Williford, Sanders’ spokesman, said in a phone interview from Colorado. Sanders declined to comment.

Williford, Sanders, chief administrative officer Fred Siems, and four top officials from public works, parks, purchasing and the county jail are in Colorado. The county paid airfares to Denver ranging from $138 to $243 and rented two vehicles, records show Cheap Airfare.

Earlier this year, the county cut three resource conservation employees at a savings of about $200,000, but the county wants to stay focused on energy conservation, Williford said. “This trip is about making sure that the process of integrating (programs) into departments moves smoothly,” he said.

Dan Tarwater, chairman of the Jackson County Legislature, said he declined an invitation to go to Shadowcliff this year and in previous years. Several county employees, including former County Cheap Airfare Executive Katheryn Shields, have gone in the past, Mann said.

Tarwater said he could not justify using tax money to make the trip, though he was ambivalent on whether staff members should go. The county Legislature did not have to approve the travel.

Legislator Henry Rizzo took a wait-and-see view.

“If sending seven people brings good ideas that transfer down to the environment, I can justify it,” Rizzo said. “If that doesn’t happen, we will have to look at that trip next Cheap Airfare year.”

Johnson County will send 15 employees to a September “Leaders in Sustainability”

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Cheap Airfare

How low can airfares go? Try $10 for a one-way ticket from Burbank, Calif., to Columbus, Ohio. Or $9 from Los Angeles International Airport to Fort Lauderdale. Better yet, there is a 1-cent fare for flights from LAX to Guatemala. Yes, those are actual fares offered by a new generation of carriers that are redefining budget travel by taking "low-cost, no-frills" service to new heights. Such as $15 for a pillow. Or two bucks for water. Don't cheap airfare want a middle seat? You can pay $10 and jump ahead of the line to board a Skybus Airlines plane. And the flight attendants are paid partly on commission based on in-flight sales.

"It's the extreme example of a la carte flying," said Michael Boyd, an airline industry consultant.

Even so, flights on these cheap airfare cheapie airlines, now officially dubbed ultra-low-cost carriers, can be a bargain and quite a trip even if you missed out on grabbing one of the limited number of $10 teaser fares.

"The seats were comfortable, and the flight went pretty well," said Allyx Kronenberg, a Santa Monica resident who paid $105 last week for her round-trip ticket on a Skybus flight from Burbank to Columbus. "But you do have to pay for everything."

These flights have cheap airfare been around Europe for several years, but they are now making a splash in the U.S. Skybus offers 10 seats on every flight for $10, with the vast majority of fares ranging from $50 to $175 one way. That's about half the cost - or less - of other airlines flying to Columbus.

Spirit Airlines, which flies out of LAX, has promotional fares that range from 1 cent to $24, including the $9 tickets to Fort Lauderdale and Detroit.

The Skybus fares were so much cheaper than other carriers' that Shahla Salamat decided to fly her family to Columbus and then drive eight hours to Atlanta for her cousin's wedding during Memorial Day weekend cheap airfare.

Renting a car and driving that distance with her sister and three young sons was worth the estimated $2,000 savings, the Chino Hills resident said. The cheapest alternative she could find from Los Angeles to Atlanta was $600.

"But when you think about the savings," Salamat said, "it doesn't sound too bad."

Passengers are not allowed to bring food or beverages onto the plane. Besides, Skybus had warned them ahead of time on the company's reservations Web site: "No, the drinks aren't free. Give us a break - some of you paid $10 for your seat."

Skybus hopes to be profitable within a year, even with its rock-bottom fares.

"We don't think the same way as everybody else," said Bill Diffenderffer, Skybus' chief executive and former lawyer for now-defunct Eastern Airlines. "… What makes passengers happy is having low fares and cheap airfare on-time, nonstop flights to their destinations. They don't need all that free stuff."

In many ways, Skybus doesn't seem much different from Ryanair, an Irish carrier that offers dirt-cheap fares with virtually no amenities or service. It is now the largest European airline.

Diffenderffer said Skybus initially considered modeling itself after Ryanair and U.S. low-cost behemoth Southwest Airlines. But then it decided to start from "scratch and try to improve on everything."

To generate additional revenue, it will allow a company to paint a logo on its planes for $500,000. To keep costs down, the airline doesn't have a telephone service center. Everything, from booking a flight to changing or canceling a reservation, must be done on its Web site cheap airfare.

The airline flies only to secondary, less-crowded airports that have lower fees and can turn Skybus planes around in less than 25 minutes. Major carriers typically have their planes at the gate for about 45 minutes to an hour.

Skybus also flies new, fuel-efficient Airbus planes, which keep maintenance and operation costs down. Its labor costs are among the lowest in the industry.

The eye-popping fares often have caveats that could create ill will. For instance, the 1-cent deal from LAX to cheap airfare Guatemala on Spirit Airlines was available only on certain days and didn't include taxes that totaled $84.70.

A flight to Guatemala recently was available for 1 cent, but the return 1-cent fare was sold out. The next-best cheap airfare fare was $109.50. In the end, the total round-trip fare was about $200, or about half the prevailing fares at other airlines cheap airfare.