Cheap Airfare

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Cheap Airfare

For the chosen cities, the benefits spread far beyond the airport perimeter. Investors are often quick to follow the airlines. Consider grimy Katowice in southern Poland. During the late '90s the Soviet-era steel town looked destined for postindustrial obscurity. Today it's Cheap Airfare familiar to millions as a home to the local carrier Central Wings and its booming Hungarian rival WizzAir. More than a million passengers passed through the city's airport last year, many using it as a departure point for exploring the region, including visits to nearby Cracow. That represents a Cheap Airfare whopping 44 percent increase from 2004. Among other concrete expressions of the upsurge: a Hungarian consortium has already invested in a new shopping mall in Katowice proper, complete with restaurants and a cinema. Small wonder the city fathers are now splashing out on a second Cheap Airfare terminal.


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