Cheap Airfare

Monday, June 4, 2007

Cheap Airfare

We are acutely aware of the budget constraints, but we believe that environmental programming the county brings in will be worth the effort,” Calvin Williford, Sanders’ spokesman, said in a phone interview from Colorado. Sanders declined to comment.

Williford, Sanders, chief administrative officer Fred Siems, and four top officials from public works, parks, purchasing and the county jail are in Colorado. The county paid airfares to Denver ranging from $138 to $243 and rented two vehicles, records show Cheap Airfare.

Earlier this year, the county cut three resource conservation employees at a savings of about $200,000, but the county wants to stay focused on energy conservation, Williford said. “This trip is about making sure that the process of integrating (programs) into departments moves smoothly,” he said.

Dan Tarwater, chairman of the Jackson County Legislature, said he declined an invitation to go to Shadowcliff this year and in previous years. Several county employees, including former County Cheap Airfare Executive Katheryn Shields, have gone in the past, Mann said.

Tarwater said he could not justify using tax money to make the trip, though he was ambivalent on whether staff members should go. The county Legislature did not have to approve the travel.

Legislator Henry Rizzo took a wait-and-see view.

“If sending seven people brings good ideas that transfer down to the environment, I can justify it,” Rizzo said. “If that doesn’t happen, we will have to look at that trip next Cheap Airfare year.”

Johnson County will send 15 employees to a September “Leaders in Sustainability”


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